Last year we installed two UPS’s ready for our new DC so we can have A and B side power.

Sadly the batteries are a bit shot in one of them.

Our aim is to have a solar driven DC with grid power being our backup.  Doing this is expensive so we’re planning it in stages.

But we’re also looking at the duplication that we already have in the server room from UPS systems.  So our B side UPS is off to see our friendly tech for a bit of a make over.  Now I’m on the hunt for APC 5000 VA service manuals.

The aim is to get a bigger array of batteries external to the UPS and then just apply charge from the solar and mains as backup.

We figured that we get nothing for power if we export it.

Building a DC we also considered the impact on the grid it we just start pulling lots of power for cooling.  We decided that we needed more cooling on hot sunny days, exactly the kind of weather that’s great for solar power generation.

Our other aim is to capture and reuse the heat that our servers generate to heat a glass house on the roof space.  We’re currently on the look out for a hot water heat pump that we can pump the heat from our server room into a spa pool (already on site) and then move that heat back in to the green house at night time.