Getting a global reach is important

But how to afford it on a budget for a small player like YourNet is a challenge.

For the past decade we’ve worked with the team at on development of the DTC hosting control panel and resource billing system.

At present we’re working to build a wholesale platform that will let small local providers like us get a global reach under our own brand but using GPLHost resources.

‘White Labeling’ is not new, but normally works on the concept that all your services are from the same wholesaler.

YourNet already has servers in our own data center in Christchurch.  We want our VPS servers to appear in the same customer interface as our wholesale partners resources.

We also want to lend our resources to our wholesale partners.

Enter DTC and DTC-XEN stage left!

Our aim is to modify the DTC software platform so that we can build a network of providers who have redundant resources that we can present to our customers.